On our journey to help you design a life and a business together it’s important to focus on developing clear and consistent communication. We believe clear communication leads to a more efficient and rewarding collaboration. In this episode of Both on Board we cover some of our favorite tools for learning self-awareness and how it will strengthen your relationship.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:55] Move from clarity to collaboration starting with Communication
  • [4:35] Recognize your own gifts, don’t envy your spouses
  • [6:00] Overcome the fears you have about working together
  • [7:55] Self-awareness tests to use
  • [11:25] The “Roles and the Lanes”
  • [16:30] What it really means to collaborate
  • [21:20] Develop curiosity about each other
  • [24:50] learn your triggers and how to overcome them

Develop an awareness of the filters you use to see each other

When you enter into a relationship with another person, you bring with you a lifetime of different “filters”. You see the world a certain way based on the environment you grew up in and different influences along the way. If we aren’t careful, we can find ourselves using these lenses in a destructive way. We can look at each other’s strengths but see them as weaknesses because they don’t align with who we are. Listen to this episode as we discuss how we saw each other in the early days of our relationship and how to combat those negative filters.

Use self-awareness tests as a building block to clear communication

Do you know what your strength and weaknesses are? Do you struggle with a clear sense of who you are? If you don’t have a deeper understanding of yourself and how you see the world, it can truly be difficult to communicate well. We advocate for using the different tests available to you because they genuinely helped us in our relationship and business. They focus you and give you a CLEAR picture of how to move forward in your life. Listen as we discuss how these tests have personally impacted us and moved our relationship to the next level.

Why you should embrace the “Stay in your Lane” mentality

Once you take some of these tests and have a clearer picture of your strengths and weaknesses, come together and pour over your results. As you gain a better understanding of each other, you can develop and designate different roles in your personal lives AND your business relationship. Once you have your designated “lanes” in place a true collaboration begins to form. If you are better equipped in one area, own your role and allow your significant other to own there’s.

Start finding ways to stop stepping on each other’s toes!

If you honor each lane you’ve set 100% you begin to build trust in each other. The goal is to produce a collaboration where you each have defined roles that you’re passionate about. Listen on as we discuss what some of our roles are and how it’s only bought us closer together.

Utilize these assessments to foster a continued curiosity about each other

Relationships should never be static and unchanging. As you grow together, you need to learn more about each other. These tests are a great baseline for starting conversations. Why do you believe what you believe? How do your filters differ from each other? What things from your childhood influence the way you see the world?

We’ve stated before that your spouse is your best personal development coach—so own that role. Laugh with each other, compliment each other, be compassionate, and never stop striving to be their greatest fan. The more you understand about yourself, the more you can learn to understand each other and build the epic life you’ve dreamt of together. In the remainder of this episode, we talk about what this has looked like for us and some more great resources to build clear communication in your relationship.

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