Do you have a clear and detailed life vision for your future? Or are you stuck operating within the familiarity of the past, doing things as you’ve always done? Does your dream for your future align with your significant others? We are Ray and Christy and today we talk about “The Perfect Day” Exercise and how to leverage it to work for your life and family.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:45] How “The Perfect Day” exercise impacted us and why you should do it.
  • [4:25] The story of the two thoroughbred horses
  • [7:10] “The Perfect Day” exercise basics
  • [10:20] Focus on the WHAT and the WHY
  • [12:00] Make a vision board (movie, powerpoint, some type of visual)
  • [15:00] Examining the “Two E”s of what you want for yourself and your family
  • [18:50] Give yourself a taste of the life you want

The basics of “the perfect day” exercise

“The Perfect Day” exercise is a simple tool that we love and we believe can truly work for you. Grab a piece of paper or your laptop and write out what your perfect day would look like—from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep—and everything in-between. Don’t be practical. Don’t be rational. Spill out your dreams on paper. This is when you need to be detailed and specific. Listen to the podcast as we talk about questions to ask yourself to help you clearly visualize what your life vision is.

Think BIG and dream BIG with your life vision—everything else will fall into place

As you’re writing out your vision of a perfect day, focus on the WHAT and the WHY. Dream about what you want and nail down the why behind it. Allow yourself to think and dream BIG—there are no limits. You’re going to live your life on your own terms. Build something you will be proud of and allow you to live every day to the fullest.

Not only is it important to nail down your perfect day, but it’s also important to share that with your partner. You may have different dreams and goals for your life, but you’ll find some overlap that you can use to build your future together. Continue listening to this episode to find out how we track our individual and shared visions and how we have watched some of our dreams come true.

The two E’s: What experiences and exposure do you want for your family?

As you’re building your perfect day into your perfect life, think about the magic moments that you want to experience. You can plan on purchasing your dream car or the house you’ve always desired. But also focus on the two E’s:

Exposure: What do you want your family exposed to? Where do you want them to live and experience daily life? Do you want to spend your days on the beach as we do?

Experiences: Dream about where you want to travel and what you want to see. Think about not only where you want to go, but how you want to experience it.

Listen to this episode as we cover some things we’ve experienced, and how we decided where to live based on what we wanted our family to be exposed to.

Let your life vision drive your future

In the beginning, we went over our perfect day with each other every morning and every evening. We did this until it was ingrained in us. As our dreams and goals became a part of our daily existence, the how and when began to fall into place. The vision we built together is becoming the life we live together. In the remainder of the episode, we talk about practical ways you can get a taste of your perfect day as you begin to live the life you’ve designed.

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