Commitment and consistency as entrepreneurs are some of the most powerful tools you can utilize as you work together. You need to build a clear vision for your future, develop self-awareness and establish roles in your business. Then, you invest your time and be consistent in pouring into your vision. In this episode of Both on Board we talk about moving beyond instant gratification and fully committing your time and energy to your business.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:55] The power of commitment and being intentional
  • [8:55] Support and understand each other
  • [12:50] Invest time now to obtain the freedom you desire later
  • [17:35] You invest to reach your vision
  • [21:20] Life happens in seasons
  • [24:40] How we figured out our gameplan
  • [28:35] continue to develop your personal development
  • [31:00] The power of consistency

Be fully committed to the life you are designing

When Christy and I first decided to dive into this business together, she quit her teaching job. She didn’t take a leave of absence and didn’t have a backup plan—she believed in what we were doing enough to fully commit. There’s no plan B as an entrepreneur! If you don’t believe in your vision enough to fully commit to it, it’s not worth pursuing. Listen to this episode as we discuss our life lessons and the ways we fully committed ourselves to be entrepreneurs.

Clarity and commitment work hand-in-hand as you invest to reach your vision

We’ve talked about “The Perfect Day” exercise and having a clear picture of what you want for your future. So now you have to think about what it’s going to take to build your life and business to that point. What do you need to commit to daily, weekly, monthly to reach your goals? What does this truly look like on a daily basis?

Now is the time to come together and focus on the commitments you’ve made to each other personally and in your business. Set your vision and your mindset: work hard now, and delay gratification so you can have financial security and freedom down the road. Listen on as we talk about what this looks like in our lives.

Invest your time for a season to build a future with the freedom you desire

When you first dive-in to building a life and a business together, it requires all of your time and energy. In the “spring” season of our business, we were very strategic in planting seeds. We invested so much of our lives to building this business together, taking one step at a time. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in “analysis paralysis”—keep making strides forward, and little-by-little you will experience growth. Continue listening as we talk about the seasons we’ve gone through in our life so far and how we saw the fruits of our labor unfold.

Developing Commitment and Consistency in your business through personal self-discipline

We believe that if you are not consistent with self-discipline you cannot be consistent in your relationship or your business. It’s SO important to continue investing in your personal development. You need to find ways to focus yourself and show up at the highest level you can—every single day. In the rest of the episode, we cover the power of consistency and resources we’ve found instrumental to our personal success in this area.

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