Whether you realize it or not—your health and personal fitness have a major impact on your well-being and your relationship. Are you struggling with exhaustion, headaches, and an inability to focus? Has your weight crept up over the last few months or years? Are nutrition and exercise even part of your daily life? Listen to this episode of Both on Board as we talk about the importance of health and fitness and how it impacts every area of your life.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [1:05] The importance of health and fitness
  • [4:25] Navigating different goals and interests
  • [6:46] Communicate and really hear what your spouse is saying–they aren’t judging
  • [9:10] The importance of self-care
  • [11:15] Celebrate and acknowledge the small wins
  • [13:30] It’s about a lifestyle change, not a diet
  • [15:36] your partners’ delays are not denials
  • [18:58]Communication plays a huge role
  • [20:50] every outcome is determined by the energy it’s created from
  • [23:20] health and fitness allows you to live life to the fullest
  • [25:00] Change comes in seasons

The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your health

We are firm believers that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Take a moment and be really honest with yourself. Do you feel good about where your health is today? Are there changes you could make that would positively impact your daily life? Ray has always been obsessed with fitness, and focusing on it has never been an issue for him. For me, it is truly a love-hate relationship. I had to lean on my life vision and goals for myself as motivation. My desire is to be toned, and Ray wants to strive to be an elite athlete. Continue listening as we talk about the importance of supporting each other when we have different goals and the impact of that support.

Celebrate the small wins you’re making towards your personal fitness goals

If you’ve established that you’re at a point where a shift towards a healthier lifestyle is needed, take baby steps. You can’t make immediate changes in your life and expect them to stick—they need to become habits. In order for something to become a habit, you need to make slow changes and be consistent every single day. So what do you do when you reach those small goals you create for yourself? Celebrate! The goal is to build something sustainable that can impact your life from here on out. Listen to the episode as we continue to discuss how to implement change and what we have personally done to build a healthier lifestyle.

Emphasize accountability: tell the truth in love with compassion

We all know how emotional this topic is, and sometimes we have internal struggles that we are working to overcome. But it is SO important to build trust with yourself and learn to keep the promises you’ve made to yourself. If you see your spouse struggling, ask them why. Remind them why their commitment is important. Do it from a place of love and not judgment.

Be prepared for your spouse to help keep you accountable too.

This is a two-way street. You need to own your mistakes and part of that is being able to fully listen when your spouse has feedback. Even if you don’t want to hear it, know that they care about your goals enough to risk how you feel about them in that moment. Continue listening as we emphasize the importance of communication and accountability.

Take Charge of your personal fitness and live life to the fullest

It boils down to this—are you able to be fully present and enjoy every part of your life? Is poor health impacting your joy and fulfillment? It’s time to step up, take charge, and lead your family by example. Set your own terms for what you want your health to be! Remember, you are designing your life and your future. If one person steps up and makes changes, it is so much easier for your spouse to follow suit and also commit to a healthier lifestyle. You need to prioritize your health. Listen to the rest of the episode as we talk about our priorities, and how they have changed in different seasons of our life.

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