From the very launch of this podcast, our goal has been to help you reach a point where you can design the life you want to live—and actually start living life on your own terms. From personal development to managing your health and fitness, we want to make sure we give you the tools we’ve used so you can make your own way. Listen to this episode as we share our heart and some of the hardest things we’ve had to overcome.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:55] Living Life on your terms
  • [3:00] Become aware of your limiting beliefs
  • [6:50] You’re only as strong as your weakest link
  • [8:55] Uncover your limiting beliefs and devise steps to overcome them
  • [13:05] Is social media influencing how you live your life?
  • [17:45] Don’t copy someone else thinking they have it all figured out
  • [20:15] What is going to make me happy in this season

Become aware of your personal limiting beliefs—so you can overcome them

A limiting belief is something that constrains you from taking action, in some cases because you believe you aren’t good enough. It’s the voice in your head that holds you back, whispering that you don’t have what it takes. That you need to protect yourself. But if you want to take action and you truly desire to, it’s time to shut down that internal dialogue.

Don’t live your life by limiting the scope of what you are capable of!

Ray and I take some time at the end of our day to communicate about the things that have been bouncing around in our head. We find that by opening up to each other we can laugh some things off. Sometimes we can’t believe the power we’ve let those beliefs hold over us. Listen on as we talk about creating a safe space to be open with each other and lay out some examples.

To begin living life on your own terms you must stop caring what other people think

A huge thing I’ve struggled with is allowing myself to care about what other people think about me. Are they watching the decisions I’m making and judging me? What do they think of my parenting? I believed that if I acted in a way that pleased others it was caring for them. In reality, I was trying to cover up who I was. And you know what? I needed to be my authentic self. I can care for other people and still live my best life. Keep listening to this episode as cover some ways we overcame personal hurdles to be better versions of ourselves.

Don’t compete with or compare yourself to others

When we first launched our business and started along this whole process, social media wasn’t flourishing like it is today. It didn’t influence decisions we made, nor was everything we did available for the world to see. As we spend more time on social media, it’s important to realize that you are not in competition with the people you see. You can’t compare your journey to theirs. Who knows what they go through on a daily basis outside of social media.

All you see is a snapshot of who they are.

Don’t let that snapshot make you feel lesser. Don’t follow the crowd. Remember, designing your perfect life is about doing things on your own terms. You can’t measure yourself using someone else’s ruler. Learn to be confident in who you are, because nobody else can be you. Continue on with us as we talk about learning to trust yourself and truly embrace who you are.

Make sure you are living your own dream—not someone else’s

We just want to expound on the social media piece a little more. Not only do you not want to compare your life with others, but you don’t want to lose sight of what your dreams are. It’s so easy to go on Instagram and look at all these beautiful photos of people living the most amazing story. Each individual has their own dreams and goals, many of which can align with their significant others.

So in order to live life the way you desire, look back on our perfect day exercise. As you accomplish a goal or a dream, evaluate it—is it what you truly wanted? If not, move on and don’t force yourself to live in a space where you aren’t happy. Listen to the rest of the episode as we talk about how to take these ideas and test them out and make them work for you. We just want to help equip others to live the life they desire like we have been able to do. Hopefully, you find value in some of the tools and suggestions we provide!

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