In episode four we talked all about your money mindset and how certain behaviors are ingrained in you since childhood. In this episode, we want to talk about what you do when you’ve got the money—how to have a fulfilling life. From talking about your money blueprint, where you place value in your life, to investing in giving, we’ve got you covered with this episode!

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:55] The evolution of the money mindset
  • [4:05] Don’t project your problems on your significant other
  • [8:17] What are you drinking alcohol for—are you celebrating or escaping?
  • [11:20] The art of fulfillment
  • [17:35] What is stopping me from sitting in first class?
  • [22:18] 5 regrets of the dying
  • [23:39] Using the money muscle
  • [28:00] We spend money investing in our joy
  • [35:15] What are the things you can do to buy back your time?
  • [42:50] Find out what is important to you and your spouse and make it happen
  • [46:30] Go make more money!

Finding abundance starts with taking action

Achieving abundance truly starts with having a thought, which leads to a feeling, but starts with an action. We can create vision boards, daydream and visualize all we want but until we begin to take action, we won’t be moving in the direction of our dreams. And that’s what this podcast is all about right? We want to help you design the life you’ve been dreaming of!

You’re out of alignment with the universe if you want something, but you aren’t doing anything to go out and get it. So we took action—even imperfect action will do—and we went out, worked hard, and found success. But we truly believe that success without fulfillment is wasted and is the ultimate failure. Listen to this episode as we address our journey to finding fulfillment.

What first class flying taught me about life

I was boarding a flight and forced to walk by all of these people in first class, and I found myself giving them the stink-eye. It was annoying to have to settle into my spot with the rest of economy class. I hated how I was responding in that moment. What theyhad was such a trigger for me! I wanted to be able to sit in first-class. I was projecting hatred on these people but the real issues was within me. With awareness of that fact, something hit me.

What was keeping me from sitting in first class? Why couldn’t I have that?

The jealousy became fuel for me to go and get what I wanted. To some, it seems like a waste of money because we are all going to the same place. But some of those seats are really comfy! The moral of the story is this: if you see someone that has something you want, bless them. Then go out and do what it takes for you to have it, too. Keep listening as we talk about abundance and finding clarity.

Spend money investing in joy and a fulfilling life

We like to interpret this a couple different ways. We spent a lot of time clarifying what we want, and flying first class is one of the things that we enjoy. As Ray likes to say, “They made these seats for somebody, might as well be me!” We invest in travel and adventure, experiences, and living where we want. Like we’ve said before, we are not living our life by anyone else’s expectations and standards. The truth is, what we choose to spend our money on can be completely different from you, and that’s okay.

The second way we invest our money and time that brings us Joy is giving back. Ray and I truly believe that we are blessed, and therefore can live a life of blessing others. We need to make an impact, need to serve, and feel drawn to help other couples find abundance in their life. We are building a life that we don’t need a vacation from—so can you! Continue listening along as we talk about the ‘top regrets of the dying’, and other questions to really make you think.

What are things you can do to buy back your time?

Something we decided to do years ago was to start buying back our time by eliminating some of the things we don’t enjoy. Ray doesn’t like to drive, and would rather spend the time doing something else, so he takes Ubers everywhere. I don’t love cleaning our house, so for the last seven years we’ve paid someone $120 a week to do it. Then I invest my time elsewhere—doing yoga, spending time with our daughter, returning emails, etc.

So what can you remove from the list of things you hate to free up time to do the things you love? 

As you already know, we love to invest our time and money into personal development. This year alone we’ve invested 6 figures. It’s always proven to be one of our best decisions. Listen to the rest of this episode as we cover “Money Dials: Why you spend the way you do” by Ramit Sethi. We’ll lay out for you the things we love to spend money on, why it’s worth it to us, and how it brings us fulfillment.

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