How do you know what investment opportunities are right for you? How do you decide as a couple where to invest your money and your time? We’ve covered personal development extensively and have walked you through our personal story. So today we are going to expound a little on the things we’ve chosen to invest in as a couple along the way. You don’t want to miss this one!

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:48] External and Internal Investments as a couple
  • [6:20] Working ON the business, not IN the business
  • [12:50] Look at the data for direction
  • [17:38] The market gives and takes away
  • [21:55] Investing in freedom
  • [27:30] Investing in things that matter

Investing our time and money into education

Investing isn’t just about money. When Ray and I first started our business venture together, when we weren’t working, we spent as much time as possible learning. We’d go to the free classes offered by the Miami Association of Realtors. We invested in educating ourselves as much as we possibly could. In this phase of our life, anything extra went back into investing in knowledge.

During this phase of internal investment, we also spent money on seminars, personal development books, audible books—whatever means of learning we could get our hands on. We once had a former employee drop by the office over the weekend to grab something she had left behind, and she was appalled that we were in the office “On a Saturday?!” But you know what? If you want to grow you’ve got to do the work!

In every phase of our lives, we continue and will always continue to invest in personal development. We will always talk about it because we believe it is that important. After all, your business is only going to grow as far as you are. If your personal growth is stunted, it will affect every area of your life and business.

Working ON the business, not IN the business

In our Spring season, all of our time was spent in the ins and outs of growing our business. As we achieved growth, we added staff to our team. We were able to stack money and build capital. We took everything we had learned, put it into action and were finally seeing the fruits of our labor. We had delayed gratification and instead invested our money into growing our business.

It was 100% the right move.

We took our capital and continued wholesaling, fixing, and flipping properties. We took everything one step at a time and as we showed up we naturally saw the next step. When we hit resistance and didn’t know where to turn we took a deep dive into our finances and it gave us clear direction—some things we were doing just weren’t making money and it was time to move on. So we veered away from wholesaling and started investing in rental properties

Investment Opportunities that don’t fit the mold

Obviously, a lot of our investment was monetary. It was used towards our business or personal development. But we decided it was time to start investing in our freedom and moving towards the life we desired. At this point in time, Christy had been home with our daughter for a year and I was grinding it out in our business. What had worked for years suddenly just… didn’t.

So we sold it all. We offloaded our rental properties and investments and liquidated our team. We managed to sell in the right seasons, and all of the properties we had held onto suddenly brought us more capital. We simplified, decided what we did or did not need, and took that money and began investing it into the next phase of our business as a couple—investing in others.

Invest your time in things that make an impact

We’ve known for a while that we aren’t operators. Building teams and managing and training isn’t where we excel. So we are taking the capital we’ve earned, and investing in other operators that we trust who have a vision. We’ve moved into the business of risk management, and that works for us right now. Will it always be that way? Who knows. But we are always moving of growth and what works for the season of life that we’re in.

But investing our lives to make an impact is what really drives us. It’s why we are doing this podcast! We take our money and use it to hire spiritual coaches. We currently utilize fitness coaching and financial coaching as well. We have added high-level people to our business team. Whatever we are doing, we are always looking to grow so we, in turn, can invest in the growth of others. Where do you want to invest your time and money?

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