Why is the divorce rate so high among couples working together? How do you protect your marriage and business? In this episode of Both on Board we turn things upside down—we get interviewed by Brian Trippe! We cover personal development and awareness, communication, leading by example, and touch on our core beliefs behind co-creating a life and a business that works for you.

Brian Trippe graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and English, and a Masters in Education. He began his career in real estate in 2012 and has completed over 500 real estate transactions since. He owns a wholesale company, a brokerage, and a coaching business and has a portfolio of rental properties. On top of it all, he created and hosts the REI Live podcast—check it out!

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:50] We are interviewed by Brian Trippe!
  • [3:00] We talk about our beginnings
  • [7:00] How do you get both people on board?
  • [11:25] Self-Discovery needs to happen first
  • [16:45] Don’t get tripped up trying to change the other person
  • [20:00] A woman’s perspective in a man’s world
  • [24:25] Goals for the podcast and beyond
  • [29:10] Resources available

Take responsibility for how you show up in your relationship

Brian asks a question that we get asked often: How do you get both people on board? When a couple is on two different wavelengths, how do you sync up? Our #1 answer will always be to start with personal development. You have the responsibility to develop an awareness of who you are, what you want, and what you want to be, right?

So take ownership of your actions every step of the way.

You—and only you—hold complete responsibility for how you act and react. Perhaps something has been bothering you. Or you’re having a discussion with your spouse that has taken a turn for the worst. Take a step back! Why are you reacting the way you are? Is something deeper going on that’s contributing to the argument? Take time to reflect so you can respond in a healthier way that is not divisive.

Define and get clarity on what you are about together

After you’ve taken steps towards self-discovery and have a clearer picture of who you are and what you want for your future, take time to dive into who you are together. On one of our first episodes, “How You Can Design Your Life Vision With The Perfect Day Exercise”, we give you one of our favorite tools to start laying the framework for your future together. Do the exercise separately, and then come together and compare and see where your dreams overlap.

Are you aligned with your core beliefs? Do you have shared goals? Sometimes, your beliefs and values don’t necessarily line up. But you can’t force your significant other to be something they’re not. We truly believe as you continue to focus on personal growth and begin to change that your spouse will see that change and be intrigued—and begin to realize they too want what you’re seeking after.

Allow your spouse to speak into your life

You need to lead by example but also be open to learning from your spouse. One example that we like to use is the fact that I’ve never been a gym person. Ray will go consistently many times a week, but would never force me to go. Instead, he set the example and I saw results. I’ve never liked the gym, but recently decided I’d give it a shot—now I’m loving it!

I noticed what Ray was doing and decided I’d try it for myself. The point is, he never tried to change me. He never tried to force me into a mold that worked for him. Don’t get tripped up in trying to change the other person! Recognize that you each have unique skills, abilities, and dreams and that you were created to complement each other. Not be each other.

Keep listening as we talk about our strengths and weaknesses and how we’ve learned to complement each other and embrace who we are. We also talk about a woman’s perspective in what is traditionally a man’s world—you don’t want to miss it!

Future goals for our podcast—and beyond

We have so many goals and dreams and places we want to take this podcast. We’d love to continue hosting MasterMind groups, run seminars, and host retreats. One of the loftier yet worthy goals we have is to help couples realize that divorce is not the answer. We would love to eradicate divorce by helping people strengthen their marriages, becoming what they were meant to be individually and as a couple building a life together.

Ultimately, your life can be anything you desire it to be—it just depends on how hard you’re willing to work for it. You have much more potential when you both show up in your marriage and your business. The power of two people working in alignment is extraordinary! So this is your call to action. What can you do today to grow as a person? What can you do to grow together?

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