Do you know what manifestation is? Do you know why it is a practice you should embrace? Manifestation is the process of bringing something into being—a thought, a desire, a belief becomes reality. In this episode of Both on Board we talk about manifesting from the heart with a special guest, Dr. Sangeeta Sahi.

Dr. Sahi is an integrative medical doctor who studied in India and London. She’s traveled the world working with quantum physicists and biophysicists, searching for scientific means to explain what can only be labeled as miraculous. Listen to this episode as we explore her background and experience and she speaks about her knowledge of manifestation.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:50] We introduce Ramon’s mentor, Dr. Sangeeta Sahi.
  • [4:20] Dr. Sahi’s journey to learn to explain the unexplainable
  • [11:30] Manifestation stems from the heart: It’s all about love.
  • [21:00] The difference between spirituality and religion
  • [26:15] Manifestation and achieving a goal
  • [31:10] The idea of complex manifestations is introduced
  • [32:50] How to properly understand responsibility
  • [35:00] How do you become more self-aware?
  • [37:00] How to tap into awareness or alignment
  • [40:50] Brain chemistry, feelings, and emotions
  • [45:30] The concept of being deserving of something—and timing
  • [49:10] Learning to be less attached
  • [51:25] Be patient and in tune with yourself

It may seem cliche, but it’s true: It’s all about love

Throughout her teenage years, Sangeeta experienced what she can only describe as “spiritual experiences” where she had a distinct awareness that she was in a different dimension or operating outside of time. She continued to experience these moments throughout medical school. She also had a deep intuitiveness that allowed her to understand what was happening in her patient’s bodies better than any imaging.

After her years of research and study in the field, one universal and eternal message remained for her: it’s all about love. The only way to truly understand anything—and to manifest anything—is through your heart. It is your soul’s desire that you are looking to bring to life in the physical dimension. You have the power to create it—but it is a complex collective experience. Dr. Sahi explains this in detail, so continue listening.

The difference between spirituality and religion

Spirituality is not necessarily tied to religion. Dr. Sahi states that there is one main distinction between the two: religion has structure and rules and spirituality does not. That being said, spirituality can be an extension of your beliefs. In some ways, a structured religion gives you the “rules to live by” that define how you act in a community. Eventually, the rules and regulations are so ingrained in you that they no longer need to be your primary focus.

Consider an athlete, such as a football player. They’ve likely played the sport since childhood. The role they have learned throughout the years has become part of who they are. When they play the game they don’t need to think about every rule and regulation because the game is a part of them. This allows them to flow, to be in the moment, and to act outside of the realm of what’s possible. This is spirituality. The athlete is actively manifesting their belief in their skill.

Simple goal achievement and complex manifestation

There are a few different steps associated with achieving a goal. In the episode, Dr. Sahi uses the example I provided—reaching my goal of attending a yoga class. So what does goal achievement look like?

  1. You have a thought or idea that you want to implement.
  2. You decide to follow through: this is a practical choice that you have the power to control. You must fix that decision in your heart—this releases and directs energy into your goal.
  3. You automatically and instinctively work towards manifesting the goal and choose not to let anything else interfere. The closer you get, the more clarity and energy you feel.

This is a simple example because you have control over yourself and the decisions you make. As we strive after more complex manifestations, more variables are thrown into the mix. Continue listening as we discuss challenges you may face and the idea of responsibility.

How do you foster more personal awareness?

Embracing spirituality can be daunting to some. A simple start is what we’ve championed all along—foster personal awareness. You want to tap into the awareness of who you are, what you’re here on this earth to do, and truly know yourself. Are you cultivating a conscious awareness of who you are? In our previous episode, we talked about meditation as a means of understanding yourself. It is a great first step in the process.

You want to place yourself in alignment with the universe. You cannot create what does not already exist, right? As you continue to learn and practice manifestation, hold on to the truth that there may be challenges, but you can bring your hearts desires to life. We continue discussing fostering awareness, mentorship opportunities, attachment and so much more in the rest of the episode.

This is part one of a two-part series, be sure to check out next week’s episode!

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