In a world where everything pushes us to constantly go, manifestation tells us to slow down. It is about learning how to be in tune with yourself. As human beings, we are so conditioned to be influenced by the external world—and have lost touch with our internal selves. If you’re searching and ready to learn, this episode of Both on Board with Dr. Sangeeta Sahi wraps up the topic of manifestation. Don’t forget to listen to part one!

Dr. Sahi is an integrative medical doctor who studied in India and London. She’s traveled the world working with quantum physicists and biophysicists, searching for scientific means to explain what can only be labeled as miraculous. Listen to this episode as we explore her background and experience and she speaks about her knowledge of manifestation.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:50] A recap of the last episode
  • [2:00] Being in tune with yourself and be with yourself
  • [5:25] What is love? What is connection?
  • [9:10] There is nothing you have to achieve
  • [17:10] Do not compare yourself with anyone else
  • [19:30] Change your perspective and learn how to slow down
  • [25:25] Visualizations, affirmations, and manifestation
  • [33:45] Spirituality is not a to-do list but a lifestyle
  • [39:00] Manifestation doesn’t just happen—it takes practice
  • [45:45] Final words of wisdom from Dr. Sangeeta Sahi

What is love? What is connection?

When asked the question, most people have to pause and think about an answer. Is it a feeling? An emotion? The answer is far simpler: love just IS. Love is connection. When Ray and I are with our daughter we don’t have to think about loving her. We don’t have to define how we feel about her. Love for her envelopes us and just is.

We have an innate need to love and be loved. We do this by seeking connection. Children allow us to love and to be present, wrapped up in the moment. Why do we seek out friends? Why do we spend time with loved ones, sharing experiences with them? Because shared experiences give us the connection our soul’s crave.

Manifestation begins with slowing down

The world around us creates a sense of urgency and tells us that we always need to be going, doing, and running ourselves ragged. We find ourselves addicted to urgency because we feel alive when we are constantly moving. But this isn’t fulfilling. It can’t lead to awareness of one’s self or higher purpose.

We must learn how to slow down.

Only then can we begin to embrace manifestation. The only “rule” of manifestation is that you must learn to control your thoughts. You must change your perspective. To do so, you must learn to stop. Stop making spirituality a to-do list and make it a way of life. We talk with Sangeeta about teaching this concept to our children—keep listening.

You must live every day in gratitude

Sangeeta talks about visualization as a powerful way to lower stress. But manifestation cannot come from an external visualization—it comes from within. People often practice visualization and affirmations in a rote and rigid way and this is honestly useless. You have to have a deep emotion connected to the practices for them to be effective.

More specifically, we must learn how to be grateful—and express it.

It’s so simple, yet in our fast-paced lives we often forget to be grateful. We also need to learn how to be joyful. It isn’t an emotion, but a state of being. If you are not expressing joy you aren’t fully expressing who you are. When you embrace it, the world will take notice. Keep listening as we discuss money manifestation and how material wealth cannot buy you happiness (we promise, it’s not as cliche as it sounds).

Manifestation is not instantaneous—it is a practice

Manifestation doesn’t just happen overnight. If it was an easy process, everyone would do it! Manifestation is a practice. You need to continually practice it, push forward, and learn how to let go and slow down. It is about finding integration and balance and learning how to find joy. Mastering a spiritual practice takes time, dedication, and persistence.

You can’t force things to be the way you want them to be. Control is a myth—it leaves no room for joy. All we can do is learn how to manage the things that are out of our control. Sometimes, all you need to learn how to do is slow down. Then, you’ll see that what you’ve been trying to manifest has existed all along


Some parting words of wisdom from Dr. Sangeeta Sahi:

Remember that things come together in God’s timing.

Have faith that if a desire is inside of you it is part of your journey. 

If a desire is influenced by what someone else has—it is not yours. 

Above all, live in a state of gratitude that you have the opportunity to be alive. 

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