Is your life full of unrealistic standards that you can’t possibly live up to? Are you constantly striving for something and finally realizing you’re not enjoying the process? As entrepreneurs, we are so good at delaying gratification that when we finally have a dream within reach we self-sabotage. So how did Christy and I move past that? Listen to this episode of Both on Board to find out!

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:50] Overcoming Unrealistic Standards
  • [9:10] Give yourself permission to live the life you’ve designed
  • [13:00] The two most important decisions you can make
  • [18:10] Overcoming self-sabotage to obtain our dream
  • [25:10] Why your environment is important
  • [28:00] How a sandcastle taught me about life
  • [32:00] Don’t be overly attached to the outcome
  • Taking the leap and buying our second home

A dream was planted in me years ago as I was walking along South Beach with one of my friends. We came upon a high rise that was being built and I told him—one day I’m going to live there. I’ve been holding on to that vision for almost 18 years. Now, my dream is being fulfilled.

We currently own a home in a suburb where we can walk our daughter to school. We’re close to family and it’s become so comfortable. Christy and I have talked about owning something right on the beach for a few years and we just had to take the leap. We both desired something more.

How I overcame my unrealistic standards

I had always dreamed of having a two-bedroom and at least one and a half bath with an ocean view. I had a perfect budget in mind and wanted everything to fit into this vision I had created for myself. Then the realtor showed us what was available—it was only one bedroom and the view was less than spectacular.

I was 100% ready to turn it down because it didn’t fit the unrealistic standards that I had set.

But Christy grounded me and reminded me of all of the things we were being offered. It was still in the high rise I’d dreamt of. We were minutes away from the ocean. It was only a 4-month lease so that we could truly feel out if it was the right decision for us. It also fit the budget I had asked for. All I had to do was say yes.

Christy helped me remove the intense emotion from the decision. She looked through an objective lens and helped me realize I was still getting the core of what I wanted: the amenities, the location, and the experiences that came with it.

The two most valuable decisions you can make

The #1 decision that you can make in your life is choosing to be full of joy. We love the result that we have gotten. We’re fortunate enough to be able to own two homes and a successful business. We’re learning every day to enjoy the process of achieving our goals. We allow ourselves to enjoy the outcome of our hard work. Are you ready to do the same?

The 2nd decision you can make that I believe is extremely valuable is choosing the people you surround yourself with. It’s why we recommend mastermind groups and personal development. Even the environment you choose to live in makes an impact—in this new place we are surrounded by people operating at a high level. Keep listening to find out why we think these concepts are so important.

Enjoy what you’ve earned—but don’t let it be responsible for your happiness

If you need something that is material in order to be happy then it’s not true happiness. There are many material things we enjoy, and we aren’t saying you shouldn’t try and get what you want. But don’t let them be responsible for your happiness. We’ve found that when we let go of the strong attachment we have for something we desire, is when we usually obtain it.

Let go of control, the need to plan every detail, and begin to ask yourself deeper questions. What is it that you truly desire? Decipher what your true standards are and be flexible with the rest so you can truly enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for. Don’t limit the possibilities of what the universe can offer you. If you want to hear more about this journey of ours, listen to the whole episode!

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