This episode surrounds the epic conversation of living a legacy—not leaving a legacy. People are always thinking about what kind of legacy they’re going to leave and lose track of how they want to live their life. Do you want to take your life back and truly live a legacy to be proud of? Listen to this episode for some of the best advice Ray and Joe Evangelista have to offer.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [3:20] Bad advice people give
  • [9:20] Learning to just be yourself
  • [12:00] Presence and practice—not perfection
  • [17:20] Learning from your failures
  • [26:15] Getting good at saying no
  • [29:45] Legacy means impact
  • [33:30] Two things an entrepreneur should have

What can you do to just ‘be you’?

We’ve all heard the phrase that “comparison is the thief of joy” right? But how often do you think about the truth behind it? The #1 thing you can do to just be yourself is to stop comparing yourself to anyone else. You are not here on this earth to copy anybody. Comparison just opens you up to unnecessary suffering.

The creator created you—so why try to be someone else?It is a disgrace to your creator.

To just ‘be you’, you have to learn who you are. So what’s the best way to do that? Learn to live in the moment. Practice meditation and truly listening to yourself. Practice the art of gratitude. The most practical way? Spend time with your children. They are constantly living in the present and allow you to do the same.

Choose presence and practice over perfection

Meditation is something I’ve chosen to practice every day. It’s not just some hippy crap where you’re in a trance. It simply means taking time to center yourself, listen to your heartbeat, and be with your own thoughts. You don’t have to meditate.

But set aside 10 minutes a day to have completely to yourself.

You can meditate. You can journal. You can sit in silence.

Don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be. Simply slow down and take time to be in the moment. Don’t let life pass you by without moments to reflect. Keep listening as we chat about how Ray Dalio convinced GaryVee to meditate.

The power of learning from failure

Life isn’t an achievement, it’s a school. We are constantly screwing up and making mistakes. I write down a list of my mistakes every week and review them. Why? So I can learn from my mistakes and avoid making them again.

You can’t be afraid to make mistakes. Instead, aim at constant growth.

As you fail and learn and grow your are building your expertise. No one is an overnight success. People can claim it—but it takes grit and endurance to build success. It takes 10-20 years to truly master something. Do you have the grit and determination to do what it takes?

What does living a legacy look like for you?

Living a legacy encompasses a few different things for us right now:

We want to invest time in Valentina and each other.

We want to offer our story and expertise in this podcast.

We want to make an impact by giving to different charities and being involved in fundraising.

Whatever you decide to do, you need to listen to your heart and say no to what doesn’t fulfill you. Align yourself with the things that light your soul on fire. There are too many shiny distracting things out there, so always be aligned with yourself.

Listen to the rest of the podcast as Joe and I talk about disconnecting from our phones—I also deliver my most impactful advice. Don’t miss it!

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