Working together—whether you’re in the same business or working on separate projects—can be challenging. It requires accountability, support, and compassion. You have to learn to see things from your partner’s perspective. You have to walk in their shoes. This episode of Both on Board is all about committing to a shared vision in practical and tactical ways and supporting each other on your journey.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:50] From disconnect to connection
  • [5:30] Learn to see from your partner’s perspective
  • [8:20] Set up a reporting mechanism that works
  • [11:00] We care and want to make an impact
  • [14:40] 75Hard challenge is all about commitment
  • [17:30] Eliminate the option of doing anything else
  • [23:00] Building promises builds trust in yourself
  • [27:25] Be disciplined with your desires
  • [29:00] How commitment overflows in your life

Moving from disconnect to connection

When Ray and I first started dating, we were working in separate careers. I would come home and share the struggles of my day, but Ray couldn’t fully understand where I was coming from. Then he’d tell me about a deal that fell through or something that he ran into during his day. Neither of us fully comprehending what the struggle really meant. 

There was this disconnect between us.

On the flip side, when I retired from teaching and we launched our business together we were in the trenches together. We were completely on board, but our work consumed us. All we talked about was work. If you’d like to learn how we began to better integrate work and personal life, keep listening!

Being ‘both on board’ when working on separate projects

Through the years we’ve been together, there have been seasons where we need to focus on different projects and come together when needed—this is one of them. Right now, Ray is headfirst in our loan business, and it consumes a lot of his time. My primary focus is Both on Board and building our impact. 

So how do we come together and support and keep each other accountable? 

We have a weekly meeting where we cover finances, details of the business, and more. Ray can fill me in so that I understand the details of what’s been consuming his time. I can share the progress I’ve made. We set aside a time to step into each other’s shoes and fully appreciate what the other is doing. 

To get more details on how this process works for us and keeping each other accountable, keep listening!

How 75Hard teaches you commitment

I know we’ve mentioned it already—but 75Hard has been a huge part of our lives lately, and it’s teaching us a lot. It’s a program with strict requirements. It’s not a weight loss program necessarily, but a program that strengthens your mental resolve. It’s not easy. Once you commit, you eliminate the option of doing anything else.

“I am going to do this and nothing is going to stop me”. 

The process sharpens you mentally and as you keep your commitments daily, you begin to build your belief in yourself. It’s so much easier because we are both on board supporting each other every step of the way. 

Be disciplined with your desires

Learning how to commit to the promises you make to yourself is paramount. It’s why we are constantly practicing—whether it be daily commitments such as yoga and meditation or starting 75Hard. When you build consistency and become disciplined you can accomplish so much more.

Do your part in striving to reach what you desire, and allow the universe to do the rest. Go after what you want, and allow room for something better to come along. Leave space for grace, for God to do his part. Always be building on the vision you have for your life together. 

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