Do you have the strength and courage it takes to overcome the fear and limiting beliefs that are holding you back? Are you afraid to go against the grain of how society dictates you need to live? If you’re seeking approval from everyone else but unhappy with who you are, it’s time to let go. It’s time to embrace your inner strength, be courageous, and take back control of your life. This episode of Both on Board is dedicated to being courageous and what that looks like for us.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:45] Courage & Bravery
  • [4:40] Reach clarity: Ask deeper questions
  • [9:00] Incorporate this into your life
  • [12:10] What boundaries have you set?
  • [18:15] Overcome limiting beliefs
  • [24:10] Be careful who you seek advice from
  • [30:35] How to act in spite of fear
  • [34:00] Simple things make a large impact
  • [39:45] Do what is sustainable

What does your soul need?

Are you lying to yourself about what you really want in life? Maybe you’re conforming to someone else’s dreams. Or you’ve kept yourself so busy that you haven’t given yourself time to learn what your purpose is in this life. It’s not about making other people happy.

It’s about building a life that leaves you happy and fulfilled.

It doesn’t have to be a wife and kids, a house or a car. It doesn’t have to be the cookie-cutter expectations of society. Give yourself permission to live life on your terms. Have the courage and bravery to live the life you’ve imagined for yourself. Set aside time to find that clarity and ask deeper questions.

What walls do you need to tear down?

We all build walls around ourselves to some extent as a means of protection. Protection from hurt, embarrassment, and the cruelty that we associate with the world. If you find yourself hiding behind the walls and limiting beliefs you’ve constructed for yourself, ask yourself this question: What is it that you’re afraid of?

Listen to what those inner voices are telling you—because they’re clues to what you need to overcome.

This inner chatter that makes you feel worthless and afraid is a protection mechanism that you can learn to disarm. Be compassionate with yourself, but start to tear down those walls brick-by-brick. Life is too short to not live it the way you want to.

Feel it, acknowledge it, then allow yourself to overcome your fear and move on to something better.

Choose your mentors and advisors wisely

We always recommend finding a coach or advisor you trust that you can seek advice from. But we want to caution you to choose wisely. You shouldn’t run to a friend or family member who can’t be objective. You’ll learn nothing from someone who always takes your side. Even worse, if the person isn’t qualified, their limiting beliefs and outlook on the world can hinder your progress.

Find a coach or a mentor who is where you are trying to go. You need someone objective who will understand the scope of what you’re going through and help you see the big picture. They’ll help you limit the outside influences and voices that are telling you you’re not good enough.

It takes strength and courage to overcome fear

Stop telling yourself that you’ll do something when you’re no longer afraid. The fear will never go away—you have to act in spite of it. How much time are you wasting by letting your fear win?

What is your fear costing you?

Are you going to look back on your life in 20 years and wonder where it all went? Don’t set yourself up to be filled with regret. You have the permission to live the life you desire. Don’t allow yourself to live in fear.

We encourage you to find ways to build belief in yourself. Journal, meditate, pray, and do something that builds your courage. Little-by-little you can change your life, until one day you realize you’re truly living your dreams.

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