It’s important to support your partner through everything, especially when life brings unexpected (or expected) change. Are you walking separate paths towards the same goal? Or is a new business endeavor stealing more of your time then you’d hoped? Whatever the circumstances, are you there for each other? Change can be both wonderful and terrifying. In this episode of Both on Board, we talk about navigating change together.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:45] How to support your partner
  • [4:30] Give yourself flexibility
  • [8:45] Change can lead to opportunity
  • [13:50] Desire drives impact
  • [20:45] What am I willing to give up?
  • [25:30] Leverage your unique abilities
  • [28:30] Invest in relationships
  • [34:45] What doors are being opened?
  • [36:25] What are your strengths?
  • [40:55] Face your fears
  • [43:30] align with the “5 F’s”

Navigating change requires flexibility and grace

When Ray and I stopped wholesaling and flipping houses and dove into the loan business, it was a whirlwind of change. We were navigating something completely foreign and it took some time to adjust. Now, Ray is working on a deal that would involve acquiring a large multi-family property in Buckhead.

It’s taken significantly more time than we ever thought it would. 

It’s new, exciting, and terrifying. We’ve had to practice giving ourselves grace. Ray is traveling and speaking to investors to raise capital. But we’ve taken the time to be proactive and prepare for this new season. After all, being an entrepreneur requires embracing changes and ups and downs. We know that this is happening—we chose it and we are going to navigate it.

Support your partner to reach your shared vision

In this podcast, we’re always talking about our belief that life comes in seasons and that one prepares you for the next. We had a slow summer of self-care and focusing on our family. As we are ramping up into fall we are reminded that the season prepared us for the chaos that is coming. We know that with a willingness to leap into the unknown there will be growth. But there is one thing that we always consider when facing change:

Is it in alignment with our vision for our future?

You must compare proposed change against the framework you’ve created for yourself. If our desire for expansion aligns with our combined vision, we take the challenge head-on. You may have to give up some things that are no longer essential. Are the opportunities presented to you worth what you’ll need to give up? Only you get to decide.

Is the change we are embracing scary? Of course. But we have each other to lean on for support.

What are your unique abilities and strengths?

Ray is 100% in his element when he’s networking and speaking. He understands risk and investments and knows exactly how to explain that to investors. I know what his unique abilities are and know that he’s doing what he’s meant to be doing in this season. I’ve been privileged to see him living a passion of his firsthand as he’s supporting me in mine.

Flow and alignment using your own unique abilities and talents creates magic.

You need to figure out what you’re great at and pivot as you go through life. My comfort zone has always been more of a supporting role but I’m growing and branching out. I started with a speaking opportunity and will continue to develop and grow my unique abilities.

Where do you place value?

Every event we attend allows us to forge relationships that could last a lifetime. Some relationships are seasonal. But we desire to build friendships with people that we can pour into as they invest in us. Always remember—what doors are opening as you branch out and step into the unknown?

Are you vibrating at a frequency that attracts people on the same level as you are higher?

Are you investing in your personal growth?

Are you remembering to place your health and family first?

We share personal stories and so much more about support in this episode. Be sure to listen to the whole thing!

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