You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind” – Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers popularized the term “Garden of Your Mind” and this week it became real for us. There is this patch of weeds that have been growing at the front of our house and it’s bothered me for a while. I decided to stop ignoring it, and turn it into a garden. As I’ve gone through the process, a wonderful analogy has developed that we wanted to share with you. What are you growing in the garden of your mind? Are you letting weeds take over? What ideas are you cultivating? Ray and I discuss the concept in detail in this episode of Both on Board!

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:50] The garden of your mind
  • [2:25] What does your foundation look like?
  • [12:15] The four F’s: family, fitness, finances, and faith
  • [18:00] The process of “un-becoming”
  • [24:00] Don’t take the weeds for granted
  • [25:35] Cultivating the seeds of awareness
  • [32:10] The excuse of lack of time

Rebuild a stronger foundation to maximize success

What does your foundation look like? Are there weeds growing? Is the soil nourished and ready to grow the seeds that you plant? Just as it is with gardening, your foundation for personal development needs to be cultivated. If your foundation is matted with weeds, there is no room for other plants to grow.

To become effective and efficient, you need to make room for growth by first pruning the weeds. Remove limiting beliefs, baggage from the past, and anything that is not serving you. If you ignore the weeds, any seed you plant will be choked out and diminished. A strong foundation is what ultimately leads to and maximizes your success.

What are the building blocks of your foundation?

There are ‘Four F’s’ that you can focus on that are the foundation for your life: family, fitness, finances, and faith. We’ve been doing 75Hard to address our fitness. As we are focusing on that, our nutrition is falling into place. But it’s also allowing us to build discipline into our life that impacts everything else we do.

The better you take care of yourself, the better you show up, right?

Our finances are on point. We work hard to stay organized and on top of what we need to be doing. If you get your finances in order, people take notice. Our CPA is one of our investors for a deal we just completed because he sees how organized and responsible we are. He’s willing to invest because our foundation is strong and we are dependable.

What can you address in the four F’s that will strengthen your foundation?

The process of “un-becoming”

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.” 

― Paul Coelho

God made you in his image to be a creator. To be love and give love. Are their weeds growing in the garden of your mind that you need to remove in surrender? Are they masking your foundation and who you really are?

Let go of who you think you are—your limitations and fear—and learn to surrender. Let go of negative energy and stop taking things so seriously. It is so much easier to overcome obstacles when you learn to make the process fun. Keep listening as we talk about practical ways to do this!

Plant the seed of awareness

Look at the weeds that have grown in your life and don’t take them for granted. Bring conscious awareness to your past, your struggles, your challenges. If you ignore the weeds, you run on auto-pilot and continue to allow fear, scarcity, lack, doubt, denial, and self-judgment rule your life. Once you allow awareness into your life, you can’t “unsee” it. You can’t return to what was.

Instead, you get to focus on cultivating what you have planted.

As you begin to build consistency and work on pulling the weeds in your life you cultivate success. That doesn’t mean weeds won’t still crop up, but you will have the awareness that they are showing up and can spot-treat. The more you build on the success the easier it gets, the more it’s part of your process, and the more fruitful you become.

What do you need to shine a light on? What behaviors do you need to bring into conscious awareness? We continue to talk about prioritizing your time, asking empowering questions, and much more. Don’t miss this episode!

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