Entrepreneurship development in marriage is possible when you’re both aligned and passionate about what you do. Are there struggles to overcome? Of course! But if you’re both on board, then you can work through the challenges and come out stronger. Ray and I love connecting with other married entrepreneurs and couples working together. In this episode of Both on Board, Ray and I were interviewed on the Multi-FAMILY Zone podcast, hosted by Julia and Gino Barbaro. 

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:45] The Multi-FAMILY Zone podcast
  • [2:30] We finished 75Hard! 
  • [3:55] Why did Ray choose Real Estate?
  • [5:35] Christy’s Journey
  • [8:30] Moving away from limiting beliefs
  • [12:15] How Ray and Christy work together
  • [17:45] How marriage grows and changes
  • [22:45] How did having a child change everything?
  • [26:20] Ongoing goals for the business
  • [29:20] Tips for working together as a couple
  • [38:00] Connect with us

The 3 Laws of Ray

We share a little bit of our personal journeys in this podcast. Part of Ray’s story is that he’s constantly reinventing himself, trying to find the path that is his right fit. I prefer to refer to it as ‘agility’. He has this unique ability to transition into something bigger and better seamlessly. Gino coined the “3 Laws of Ray”:

  1. Desperation: Ray was motivated because he was desperate for change, desperate for something more. He didn’t feel fulfilled at General Electric. It often is a strong motivator for people to make a change
  2. Inspiration: He found inspiration and dove into real estate. What is your inspiration for your business and future?
  3. Perspiration: Building a business and being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It takes hard work and perspiration! Do you have what it takes?

Keep listening along to hear some insight from my journey from being a school-teacher to a full-time entrepreneur and mom!

How to overcome your limiting beliefs

When I was a teacher, I did my best to always be happy. I chose to enjoy my days in my job—though often difficult—and spent them smiling. My coworkers gave me the name “Sunshine”. But what I found is that other teachers found my happiness to be annoying, as if I shouldn’t be happy in my circumstances.

Many teachers weren’t happy. But their limiting beliefs held power over them:

“You just gotta suck it up and deal with it”.

“It’s worth it because I have the summers off”.

“I get to leave at 3 pm every day”. 

I’m of the mindset that if you’re going to teach, you need to be happy doing it. If you don’t want to teach, overcome the limiting beliefs that are keeping you trapped and find something better. If you don’t enjoy it, are you truly making an impact?

Tried and true strategies for couples working together

Our first and foremost tool that we reiterate time and time again is investing in personal development. We can’t know each other and how we mesh together if we don’t know ourselves first! Find out what you’re good at (and what you’re not) and learn to play off of each other’s strengths.

Another mindset that we stand by is taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. You are responsible for your life and everything in it, including how you respond. Don’t play the blame game, stop being the victim, and believe that life is happening for you and serves you. This allows you to show up to your relationship and business at a much higher level!

Lastly, support each other. Be in alignment with each other. Be compassionate. As Ray is learning the lending space, I am giving him the time and space he needs to grow in the new endeavor. But we are both enrolled in the vision and are each other’s biggest fan. 

Burn the ships and dive in

When I left my teaching job, I didn’t request a leave of absence—I turned in my resignation. There was no life preserver. Gino pointed out that I burned the ships, and dove head-first into the entrepreneurial world with Ray. It certainly wasn’t easy, and the learning process was hard on us.

Gino said it best when he said an entrepreneur is anyone who takes responsibility and someone who makes enough money to pay for their own mistakes. Through our marriage, the seasons of starting and ending businesses, and having our daughter we’ve hit bumps in the road.

But you have to take a leap of faith to get to something better. You work through the challenges, the arguments, disagreements, and move forward in an aligned vision. There is no looking back, only pushing forward to something better. 

If you’re ready to take the leap and need some motivation, schedule a call with us by clicking our link below!

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