Are you waiting for January 1st, 2020 to commit to change in your life? Are you sitting there telling yourself rational lies? What if—instead of waiting—you committed to small changes now? Focus on what you want to BE, what you want to DO, and what you want to HAVE. In this episode of Both on Board, we talk about how we have committed to daily rituals and how it’s changed us—and can change you, too.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:45] How we’re preparing for 2020
  • [3:35] What are the things I want to BE/DO/HAVE?
  • [8:00] Do you have gray areas in your life?
  • [13:10] What daily ritual can you implement?
  • [19:30] Show up with a different energy
  • [21:40] Cultivate awareness of where your time is spent
  • [25:50] Celebrate every little win
  • [29:20] What are your “big rocks”?
  • [40:20] Don’t let your willpower wane
  • [43:15] What’s coming up for Both on Board

Do you have gray areas in your life?

We all have something we want to commit to and improve, right? People seem to expect that when the new year comes around they will magically be able to commit to resolutions they couldn’t keep the entire previous year.

You have the power to take responsibility for your choices. You need to get to a place where you have a strong foundation to build off of.

Are there gray areas that you’re avoiding?

It’s time to shine a light on the areas that are in the gray. Are you living in alignment with where your soul knows it should be? You need to move out of the gray areas and back to joy.

What daily ritual can you implement?

Start working on those gray areas now by implementing a small daily ritual that you can learn to keep consistently. It takes approximately 68 days for something to become a habit. Start small, such as working out once a day. Get up early, make your bed, or drink more water. Start early in the morning because your willpower wanes throughout the day.

As you start to successfully continue that habit, you build success on success.

If you’re struggling, find a way to get your spouse on board. Fill them in on your goals and allow them to keep you accountable. Maybe your spouse will dive in with you! After all, you’ll do more for someone else than you’ll do for yourself. Work hard to find a middle ground of accountability and support.

There is power in commitment. Grant Cardone says “Commit first and figure the rest out later”. Are you ready to commit to implementing one small change?

What are the ‘big rocks’ you will schedule around?

Are you aware of what happens every day? Do you know where your time is going? How much time are you wasting? When we were doing 75Hard, we cultivated an awareness of where our time was being spent and learned something valuable: You will always have time for the things you prioritize. 

Are your goals important enough that you’re prioritizing them daily? Your non-negotiables should be your core commitments that you schedule first—the rocks. Things that you want to do are the tiny pebbles or sand that are filtered in and fit around the rocks.

When you’re saying you don’t have time for something important, you’re prioritizing something that’s not. What 3-5 things are your priorities? Take some time to think through what those are, and schedule them into your next week. Let everything else filter around them, and you’ll be amazed.

Commit to change NOW

What is taking up mental space and energy? What is robbing your peace? It is there for you to address it. Stop making things more difficult than they need to be. Show up as the person you want to be now. Not next week, not in 2020, but now. The more responsibility you take, the more power you get back. And there is power in commitment.

Where can you challenge yourself with starting today?

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