The power of two is inextricably more powerful than what someone can do alone. Having a partner in life and business makes life itself more fulfilling and fun. But how do you know you’re choosing the right friends? The right spouse or business partner? In this episode of Both on Board, Ray and I talk about some of the criteria we use to choose the people we surround ourselves with.

Highlights From Our Conversation

  • [0:50] The Power of Two
  • [6:15] How do you choose the right people?
  • [12:50] Do they act with integrity?
  • [16:05] Give relationships time to develop
  • [23:10] What does a good partnership look and feel like?
  • [28:55] Choosing a partner is an art
  • [33:50] Be strategic with relationships
  • [38:10] Couples Cruise coming!

It begins with value alignment

One of the key things we look at when building relationships with potential friends, business partners, etc. is their value system. For the relationship to work in the long run, we need to align on core values and beliefs.

Do they show genuine care for others?

Do they give to charities?

Do they have a commitment to personal growth?

You can’t force someone to meet your values. It’s okay if they’re different. They don’t have to be mirror images of you—you want diversity. But you want to know they are people of integrity, who do what they say they will.

The power of two begins with YOU

I rely heavily on my intuition, or “gut feeling”. I’m good at listening and reading body language, whereas Ray is a “love at first sight” kind of guy. Ray instantly vibes with people and thinks they’re amazing. I take time to feel them out. I note if I have synergy with them or not.

If it doesn’t feel good or it doesn’t feel easy it’s probably not the right thing to do. 

We are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to feeling people out. Ray and I balance each other out. I help him be more cautious, and he pushes me to be more open.

We leverage the power of two.

It takes time to build relationships

Along with core value alignment and intuition, you need to factor in time. Is the other person’s behavior in alignment with what they say? Relationships/partnerships/friendships don’t get tested until stress is added. As Ray likes to say, how do they act when they get punched in the face?

Don’t get attached to their personality until you know who they are. Sometimes your initial perception is not the reality. People deal with daily stressors and things that impact them—they aren’t always going to put their best face forward.

It also depends on how you are showing up. If you aren’t showing up authentically, how can they expect you to? If you are clear on who you are and how you feel about yourself, you’ll attract the same kind of people.

What does a good partnership look like?

Ray and I are the first to admit that the right person makes all the difference. As you look at your core values, listen to your intuition, and give the relationship time it comes down to who do you want to be on board with?

You don’t have to be the same, but you have to be on board with each other. A good partnership is about finding a way for both of you to show up authentically as your best selves and create magic. Your differences should melt away as you work in alignment.

Other than personal development, the best way to invest your time is in relationships. You want to be strategic in your decisions and invest in partnerships where you give value to each other. When you choose wisely, the power of two will be more evident and fruitful.

To hear how some of our best relationships and partnerships started, how we help balance each other out, and more—listen to the whole episode!

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