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Ramon Gonzalez has been in the Real Estate field since 2004. Prior to that, he was recruited to GE for their Financial Management Program. After 3 years, he realized that the corporate world wasn’t for him. He was searching for freedom, financial abundance and a higher purpose.

Christy Risco was a 4th grade teacher for 5 years, before realizing that although she has a passion for teaching, growing and giving – the public-school system was not the place for her to shine bright.

After dating for 3 years, in 2011 – Ramon and Christy attended a Tony Robbins seminar called Date with Destiny. During the 6 intense days, they realized that they were ready for a big, bold step in their lives! They moved in together while simultaneously starting a new Real Estate joint venture– Flipping REO properties in the Miami market.

Within 2 years of working and living together, they were both at their rope’s end. The relationship was practically nonexistent and their finances did not reflect the amount of hours and energy they were putting into their company.

You MUST Give up Control to Create, Ep #037

You need to give up control to allow co-creation to happen. Are you trying to force things to happen? Struggling to remain in control at all times and feeling like everything is continually out of grasp? We can actually control very little in our lives and that’s why...

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Understanding the Power of Two, Ep #036

The power of two is inextricably more powerful than what someone can do alone. Having a partner in life and business makes life itself more fulfilling and fun. But how do you know you’re choosing the right friends? The right spouse or business partner? In this episode...

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Commit to Change NOW—Before the New Year, Ep #035

Are you waiting for January 1st, 2020 to commit to change in your life? Are you sitting there telling yourself rational lies? What if—instead of waiting—you committed to small changes now? Focus on what you want to BE, what you want to DO, and what you want to HAVE....

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What Are You Growing in the Garden of Your Mind? Ep #033

“You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind” - Mr. Rogers Mr. Rogers popularized the term “Garden of Your Mind” and this week it became real for us. There is this patch of weeds that have been growing at the front of our house and it’s bothered me for a while. I...

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How to Support Your Partner Through Change, Ep #031

It’s important to support your partner through everything, especially when life brings unexpected (or expected) change. Are you walking separate paths towards the same goal? Or is a new business endeavor stealing more of your time then you’d hoped? Whatever the...

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Define What Financial Freedom Means for You, Ep #030

What does financial freedom look like for you? Is it paying off debt? Does it allow you to travel the world? In a world where talking about finances is taboo, we are bringing the conversation front and center. Money is important. Money is needed. You should want more...

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Our Framework for Healthy Conflict Resolution, Ep #028

Conflict is inevitable in a relationship—healthy conflict resolution seems rare. Too often couples let their anger fester, disagreements build, and resentment settles in. With the divorce rate so high, how do you avoid becoming a statistic? How do you change the...

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